Barack Obama called him “one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.” From fashion mogul to popular TV personality, Shark Daymond John excels in everything he does. The acclaimed FUBU founder, branding pioneer, author and mentor is also a presidential ambassador for entrepreneurship. KMP has a long history of creating with Daymond, working together to produce several celebrated FUBU commercials. More than just a client, he’s become a friend.

Having witnessed and appreciated Daymond’s successes over the years, KMP took on the challenge of narrowing down more than 60 hours of great footage into a 3-minute sizzle. No easy feat, making just the right selections from a rich archive of public events, press coverage, SHARK TANK episodes, and guest appearances on a wide range of TV and radio shows.


Daymond John epitomizes modern enterprise, perseverance and thinking outside the box. We’re excited about seeing what the future holds for this prime-time business legend.